euro-ncap-bannerMoshon Data can now supply the EVT (EuroNCAP Vehicle Target) it is manufactured to the EuroNCAP specifications as described in the AEB test Protocol Version 1.0 July 2013.
The Protocol is available from the following link:—v1.0—0-84f3008e-1e2e-4ee5-8e7b-186363aec79c.pdf
It uses the current standard VW car image and is suitable for RADAR LIDAR and camera based systems.
It consists of 4 main Parts:

  • encap1Balloon Car, MD-1310-BC-1,

This is an inflatable Balloon capable of impacts at 50kph, it comes complete with Radar absorbent foam and 12v electric pump.

  • Cover MD1310-COV-1,

This is the outer cover with the image of the VW and the added reflective material to ECE104 standard for LIDAR detection, also sewn in is the RADAR absorbent Foam to disguise the Tray.

  • Tray/Standing Frame, MD-1310-T-1,

This is the tray which supports the Target allowing it to move along the ground when hit.

  • encap2Bumper Element, MD-1310-BE-1,

This is the Foam Insert which gives contour the Target and contains the RADAR reflective component

All four Items together make up the EVT and is suitable for EuroNCAP AEB City tests CCRs and Inter-Urban tests CCRm & CCRb.
The Covers are prone to wearing and can be bought as a direct replacement for all existing covers, they contain the RADAR absorbent Foam section which is an add-on in the current design.

Also available are accessories:

  • Wheels for both the standing frame and the towed Inter-urban towing rig.
  • RADAR absorbent foam
  • RADAR reflective Material
  • encap377Ghz RADAR corner reflectors
  • ECE104 standard LIDAR reflective material.

The Cover can be printed with image to suit the Customer, whilst not suitable for Official EuroNCAP testing it will conform to all standards otherwise Camera, RADAR LIDAR.
So a customer can have the image of their own brand of vehicle. This will be made to order with the customer supplying a suitable image.

A cheaper Demonstration version will be released soon this will consist of a foam inner and will have a lower impact speed, but will be suitable encap4for demonstrating the AEB systems on the cars.

Click here to download the EuroNAP pdf.