Low cost, portable demonstration target

Moshon Data Slab Air-Tight Target

This inflatable Air-Tight target is designed as a very low cost, portable demonstration target. Constructed to a very high standard, the MD-SAT has all the features of the more expensive models.


Low cost, portable vehicle target

The ultra-portable MD-SAT can be collapsed in minutes and stored in a bag. Customisable to your desired image, it can also be used as a quick test target as it is easy to set up and quick to use.


The MD-SAT target is suitable for demonstrating:

  • AEB City
  • FCW


Moshon Data Slab Air-Tight Target

Comparable with the EVT for the following signatures

•             LiDAR ECE104 Standard LiDAR reflective material

•             Radar, Energy Shield Radar reflective material

•             Camera, digitally printed exterior cover image


















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