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How do you test ADAS sensors at night?
566_255_tunnelatcesMoshonData is launching a new, unique 300ft (91m) long tunnel for testing ADAS sensors in the dark. Exclusively available from MoshonData, the night vision tunnel provides interior light blocking to assist with the development of night vision assist technology. The tunnel consists of six 50’ long connecting sections, five emergency exits/exit lights every 50’ and three 5000 CFM exhaust fans to clear the air after every run through. The tunnel is suitable for AEB and VRU tests.

The Moshon Data tunnel is showcased at the CES 2017, from 5th – 8th January in Las Vegas where Autoliv demonstrate their night vision solution – a system which can spot traffic hazards and living beings in complete darkness or fog. Be sure to stop by and see a live demonstration at the outdoor demo area!
The tunnel is high enough to fit street lights and other roadside furniture for realistic test scenarios in complete darkness. The tunnel is easy to set up and can be deflated to fit into custom carrier cases.
Also available from Moshon Data are brake lights for the EVT inflatable target vehicle as well as a heated deer to simulate vehicle-to-wildlife test scenarios. Contact us to find out more.

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