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About MD Tactical Decoy System

The Tactical Decoy Target (cold air inflatable target) will provide high fidelity replication of the specific signature for that element in the visual, thermal and (as available) rader (SAR) portions of the electromagnetic spectrum and meet or exceed the requirements for size, shape, resolution and colour.

  • Visual signatures:

    The target shall not be distinguishable from its arches type when viewed from 1000 meters under clear weather conditions by a trained observer using 7/50 or applicable binoculars. In all circumstances, the target will or exceed the application-specific requirements for a visual signature.

    • Capability: The targets are capable of providing a visual signature in the low, medium and high fidelity range to include applicable 3 dimensional protrusions and high-resolution digital print replications.
    • Advantage: The highly adaptable and inherent capabilities of the cold air inflatable manufacturing process to delivery relatively cost effective tactical deception systems with the required visual fidelity cannot be replicated by any other method.
  • Thermal signatures:

    The targets shall not be distingable from its archetype when viewed and detected with infrared equipment and will meet or exceed the application-specific requirements for a thermal signature.

    • Capability: The targets shall be capable of providing an accurate replication of the Thermal Signature and is designed to simulate the real article to include the power/exhaust systems, applicable moving, dynamic, alternative heat generating (missile launch) and solar-related loading components.
    • Advantage: The flexibility of the targets Thermal Signature system for limited application specific in-field adaptations provides a distinct advantage over comparable hardened assets. The inherent design of the targets allows for the incorporation of a Thermal Signature System that will meet or exceed the most exacting requirements and specifications for that unit. Additional thermal effect can be employed to coincide with the location of the sun on the unit and the “cooling off period” of a motor or exhaust system (electronically controlled rheostat).
  • Radar Signatures:

    The Targets shall seek to meet or exceed the application specific requirements for a radar reflective and/or SAR signature based on the inherent physical characteristics and capabilities of the inflatable decoy.

    • Capability: The targets shall seek to provide an accurate replication of a radar reflective and/or SAR signature and be capable of interfacing with various and specific radar producing / replication systems.
    • Advantage: The infusion of radar reflective/imagery metallic based replication materials provides for as required coverage capability. The metallic based framing components of the moving parts systems will also provide radar reflective capability.
  • Movement:

    The targets shall seek to provide full motion and as required controlled rotation capability of various and specific moving components to include active radar systems and missile positioning. The targets will also be capable of providing land based maneuvering of the targets via remote and/or on-board controls of a motorized trailer system.

    • Capability: The targets shall be capable of interfacing with application-specific moving components as a fully integrated turnkey system.
    • Advantage: The flexibility of the targets design allows for the full integration of various moving components into its basic structure and dramatically increases the efficiency of the set up, operation, stow and store process. The incorporation of an electronically controlled mobile trailer system allows the targets to positioned and maneuverer in the field at the discretion of the commander.
  • Deployment:

    The targets shall meet or exceed the requirements for deployment and dismantling in the field. The targets shall be deployable by a crew of not more than three (3) trained individuals in fifteen (15) minutes or less. A battalion of not to exceed six (6) targets shall be deployable by a crew of not more than six (6) trained individuals in fort fix (45) minutes of less and stowed in thirty (30) minutes or less.

    • Capability: The target is capable of meeting or exceeding (with provisions for rapid deflation) the requirements for set up and stow in the field.
    • Advantage: The inherent “man portable” cold air inflatable design of the targets allows for the rapid and incomparable delivery, inflation set up and stow of the unit in the field.
  • Construction:

    The basic construction of the target will meet or exceed the requirements for durability and product performance in the field.

    • Capability: The targets will operate in conditions below -50F and well above 175F in winds up to 30mph and wind gust up to 50mph (as provided with tie-down points to secure the element under “worst weather” conditions). The targets will be fully operational in all normal weather and weather related conditions to include the effects from rain, dust, sand and high humidity. The targets can be deployed in all landscapes and scenarios to include dessert and wooded terrain during day and night. The specialty fabric based construction of the targets is water repellent and oil/fuel, mildew, fungus, ultraviolet light (fasing) resistant and can be stored for extended periods of time without weathering or degradation.
    • Advantage: The inherent design and construction of the cold air inflatable military targets provides for a multitude of various battle induced field scenarios. The lightweight but highly durable targets can be constructed to have specially fitted pockets filled with flammable or specific pyrotechnic substances to feign a legitimate hit. The targets can also be designed to create the illusion of damaged, destroyed or missing components/sections via strategically positioned deflation ports and zippers. There areas can be delayed and completely removed from the element -or- partially deflated. These components are also easily replaced.
  • Operation:

    The targets will meet or exceed the operational requirements of the specific unit in the field. The targets will provide for the applicable replication of the given article as required for the successful operation of field exercises or in-battle situations.

    • Capability: The targets presents a viable target to the attacker as a high fidelity war games element. The targets will create “hot spots” (stand out), present a signature that is relative to all areas of the spectra and increase the overall effectiveness of imagery analysis. The target is fully capable of interfacing with either a 110 volt or 220 volt power source or multi-fuel generator. The basic inflatable-based components of the targets are highly transportable in a cargo area approximately 1/10th it’s inflated size in a container to be used and store out of doors. This will facilitate the requirements for markedly decreased storage and/or shipment cargo area.
    • Advantage: In the event of a requirement to secretly deliver and warehouse a “ready-made” brigade or division, the inherent “stowed” design properties of the cold air inflatable target make it possible to properly and wholly conceal the cache from adverse parties during the delivery, warehousing and field implementation of the “war games” program. The rapid deployment and dismantling properties of the targets provides for a distinct advantage over hardened facilities for in-field efficiencies and overall concealment and deception capability.
  • Repair and Maintenance:

    The targets will remain fully operational through a regularly scheduled maintenance program for minor repairs and cleaning. Extensive repairs can be affected by our manufacturer. Standard repairs for small cuts, tears, burns and cleaning can be accomplished at designated field based facilities in under 24 hours. The replacement of lost or damaged parts can be turned around in under 7 work days. Extensive damage and repairs will be assessed.

    • Capability: The targets are fully capable of being repaired in the field for various and certain minor damage to the skin and limited internal and ancillary components. The unique construction of the cold air inflatable target provides for a measured amount of on-site repair flexibility in an accelerated period of time.
    • Advantage: The non-hardened construction of the targets allow for a favorable amount of flexibility for the overall repair and as required replacement of lost or damaged element components. The extremely durable design and construction properties of the cold air inflatable targets allow for a logistically friendly, low maintenance, yet highly effective military product simulation element for various war game and/or real battlefield situations.

In summary, these Targets shall be capable of meeting or exceeding the requirements as stated in the RFP.  

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