• RadViz

    Preventing accidents through improving radar identification.


From November 2015 it was mandatory for Forward Collision Warning (FCW) and Automatic Emergency Braking Systems (AEBS) to be fitted to Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) over 7.5 tonnes within the EU. Despite these AEBS, accidents still occur as they may not detect unusual vehicles like highway maintenance vehicles or trailers. RadViz© from Moshon Data significantly improves detection by AEBS preventing serious accidents and injury.

Testing by the Netherlands government agency responsible for highway safety established a ‘marker’ fitted to unusual vehicles significantly improved the detection of these these objects. The agency have mandated all vehicles working on the highway must be fitted with this type of marker vehicles that otherwise would not be detected by radar.

The Solution from Moshon Data

The addition of RadViz© (approximately 8cm x 4cm in size) to a vehicle at risk of not being detected radar will significantly improve the likelihood of detection and prompt the AEBS in an emergency.

  • RadViz© is designed to increase the RCS (radar cross-section) of the vehicle it is fitted to and has been developed based on the signal wavelength used by vehicle manufacturer’s radar sensors.
  • RadViz© is also used in NCAP dummy vehicles and objects used during the development of AEBS and other active safety features to ISO standards by automotive manufacturers worldwide ensuring it is best placed to prompt these systems in real life.

Simple and Cost Effective

  • Product can be incorporated to new vehicles and trailers or retrofitted to current with two simple fixings.
  • Essential for vehicles in high-risk situations including traffic management vehicles (TMVs), impact protection vehicles (IPVs), truck mounted attenuators (TMAs) and lorry-mounted crash cushions (LMCCs).
  • Radviz© can also be added to static objects including signage or traffic delineators.
  • A solution that will reduce accidents, injuries and save lives.


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