Whether you need some ADAS equipment training, advice on carrying out tests to Euro NCAP specifications or need to purchase a vehicle target for testing - Moshon Data is your partner for all vehicle testing needs.

Research & Development

Research & Development

We at Moshon Data are a small team of people that pride ourselves on having the ideas that make a difference in the highly technical, unique and specialist area of vehicle ADAS testing and development..

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All of our products can be used during the prodcution testing. With manufacturers developing sensors, parts and technology for Automotive Vehicles, before launching the vehicle, they need to have thorough testing and our products can provide help for this.


A car is in a showroom, and a potential buyer wants to see the AEB working, what would the car salesman do? He wouldn't risk driving the car at another vehicle "just in case". This is why Moshon Data developed the MD-S and MD-SF. These are demonstration slabs, not designed for testing but to showcase the vehicle does actually stop.

Everything We Are

In addition to expert training and consultancy services, Moshon Data supplies a range of vehicle targets ranging from the official Euro NCAP Vehicle Target (EVT), to our own, cost-effective vehicle target, foam targets and custom targets such as pedestrians, shopping trolleys and animals commonly involved in vehicle-wildlife collisions such as deer or moose.




Moshon Data wouldn't be where they are today without the help of their representatives. 

These are companies spread across the world who acts as our rep when selling and promoting our products. Through the years, these companies haven't just been another source of money, but most importantly, they have become our friends. 

We often catch up with our reps at events across the world, and they are always welcome to come to the UK. We keep in good communication with all our reps so they are up to date with all our latest news, products and upcoming events. 

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