Moshon Data support your event and help you market your ADAS technology by taking a blank empty space, turning it into a Moshon village to fully demonstrate ADAS functions.

We can also market your events with printed logos, banners, inflatables and a full marketing service.

We can demonstrate

Column 1
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • AEB Moving (CCRM)
  • Forward Collision Warning
  • AEB Static (CCRS)
Column 2
  • Blind Spot Information System
  • Night Simulation
  • VRU Detection
  • Reverse AEB
Column 3
  • Park Assist Solutions
  • ADAS Village
  • Road Sign Recognition


Marketing & Events

  • Adaptive Cruice Control & AEB Moving (CCRM)

    • We can use our Moshon Flex to demonstrate these following features around a perimeter test track
    • Adaptive Cruise Control with Distance Alert and Queue Assist
    • Car to Car Rear auto emergency braking with a moving target
    • Car to Car Rear preselected distance to vehicle ahead
    • Stop and Go
    Adaptive Cruice Control & AEB Moving (CCRM)
  • Forward Collision Warning

    Active safety feature that warns drivers in the event of an imminent frontal collision.

    To demonstrate Forward Collision warning we can use:

    • MD-S
    • MD-SF
    • MD-VT
    • MD-VT L
    • 3D Targets
    Forward Collision Warning
  • Blind Spot Information System

    We can use our Moshon Flex and Moshon Flex 3D to demonstrate Blind Spot Information Systems.

    Blind Spot Information System
  • AEB Static (CCRS)

    • Collision Mitigation System
    • AEB City CCRs Car-to-Car Rear Stationary
  • VRU Detection with full auto brake

  • Night Simulation

    Inflatable tunnel for testing ADAS in complete darkness.

    Ability to add street lights and other roadside furniture for realistic test scenarios “at night-time”.

  • Park Assist Solitions

    • With parellel and 90 degree parking
  • Reverse AEB

  • Road Sign Recognition

    Road Sign Recognition
  • ADAS Village

    Inflatable and Soft Targets representing every day objects you would expect to see in an urban environment.

    • Walls and Pavements
    • Animals and Pedestrians
    • Scooters, Bicycles and Motorbikes
    • Shop Fronts
    • Roundabouts
    • Trees / Shrubs
    • Road Signs

Marketing & Branding

We can add your logo / campaigns / event to most of our products.

Our Night Simulation Tunnel also has provisions for marketing banners at locations along its length.

All you need to do is speak to our team and we can provide you with the most suitable options for marketing your events which could include corporate branding!


If you would like any more information or would like our help with your next event, please contact us

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