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Achieve a pass or fail condition for AEB, end-of-line production testing

MD-Han'i + MD-VT-F ISO test kit bundle

Introducing the MD-Han’i, the world’s first piece of equipment purposely designed to fully test and validate AEB (Autonomous Emergency Breaking) systems at production facilities.

For quality control and assurance, the MD-Han’i gives you a pass or fail test condition in under 5 minutes, ensuring conformity of production by testing all vehicles to UN152 ISO 19206-1:2018 standards.

New General Safety Regulation 2022 (GSR2022) UN152 by the European Commission means that AEB will become a mandatory fit on all new vehicles from mid-2022.

In light of this, we believe that production facilities worldwide should now be preparing to routinely sample test AEB at the end of the production line. This is most important as it ensures that systems are operating as expected and are compliant with regulation.

With the end user in mind, Moshon Data have designed and manufactured a user friendly, standalone kit that comes in a single streamline peli-case. What is more, no connections are required, and it can be installed into a vehicle and collect data all in under 5 minutes.

Traditionally carried out at proving grounds, we realise that space is often limited at production facilities and have therefore created a solution with this mind. AEB testing for end of production line is now possible with just 30m of space. Another advantage of the MD-Han’i is that testing can be completed in all weather conditions, making this the perfect solution for all end of line production facilities.

Additionally, our robust, ‘ready to go’, MD-VT-F ISO is a soft vehicle target designed to replicate the rear end of a vehicle and has a built-in radar reflector which makes it detectable to radar systems on vehicles fitted with AEB, therefore ensuring the vehicle automatically brakes before a potential collision.

How it works:

  1. Install MD-Han’i to the passenger seat
  2. Position the GPS antenna on the roof
  3. Attach the head-up display to the windscreen
  4. Power on button
  5. Drive towards MD-VT-F ISO soft target to simulate an impact and activate AEB
  6. Result: Pass or fail test condition is achieved

Upon test completion, data reporting is captured and automatically logged and backed up onto a cloud/server. Options to save to an SD card or to obtain a printed copy of the test results are also available from the all-in-one built-in printing feature that sits inside the MD-Han’i peli-case.

All results are positionally accurate to 2 cm and testing is so simple that anyone can do it. All the ‘techy stuff’ normally carried out by skilled automotive engineers has been pre-installed for you by people who have been in the vehicle testing industry for over 17 years.

User friendly, this modest AEB validation test kit will reduce the need for recalls and help make failures a thing of the past.

Data in <5.

To learn more about the MD-Han’i, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  



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