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Moshon Data Placement Report

A report about my 6-week placement at Moshon Data, discussing what the company does, the theory of the technologies being used and what I have accomplished over the placement.

Author: Sam Snudden



Moshon Data is a company that specialises in the manufacture of soft foam targets. These targets are used to test Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) such as Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) in vehicle and allow customers to test their ADAS systems without causing damage should ADAS fail.

ADAS technology in automotive vehicles uses a mix of RADAR and cameras, as well as LIDAR in some vehicles. For a target to be useful, it must give off a similar RADAR and LIDAR reading when compared to its real-world equivalent. Therefore, tests are completed in order to measure the Radar Cross Section (RCS) of the real-world equivalents and the foam model to confirm that they have similar values. These tests are completed using two of the most common radar scanners; Bosch (MRR) and Continental (ARS408). Whilst working at Moshon Data, I carried out these tests using multiple targets in order to confirm their RCS values and then proceeded to process the data through Excel with the aid of macros.  

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