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New product: AEB testing at production facilities

Quick, reliable operational AEB testing for production facilities and type approval

Working with stakeholders and engineers every day at the forefront of AEB test and development, we have become increasingly aware that not much is said about the daily operability of fully developed ADAS functionality on vehicles as they roll off the production line and hit our roads. Not to mention how we might conduct a regular safety assessment of older vehicles to ensure ADAS keeps on working and protecting as it should throughout the life of the vehicle.

This is an area that Moshon Data feels urgently needs addressing.  Particularly as more and more vehicles with this functionality hit the road and overtake those that do not.

Already, esteemed car manufacturers have discovered serious, and sometimes embarrassing, sensor failures in the field resulting in large scale recalls.  Recalls that could have been prevented with a simple AEB operability test at the end of the production line.

Drawing on many years of experience AEB testing and data processing, the new ‘MD-Han’i basic AEB test System’ has been born…

This ‘all in one’ test kit addresses the challenge of quickly testing a vehicle to the ISO 19206-1:2018 standard and achieve a PASS/FAIL condition in under 10 minutes. 

A simple AEB test is possible from approaching the car with the test kit, to sampling 5-off basic PASS/FAIL tests with data …

It is our hope that this product will provide a quick and easy test for regular ADAS field checks, as well as revolutionise end of line production test facilities - reducing the need for recalls.

With the MD-Han’i we offer the means to swiftly act now and effectively ‘put the brakes’ on post- production AEB system failures.

Moshon Data

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